How much does it cost to be an affiliate site?

MIHOW Affiliation Costs
Annual license$3000
Annual Technical Assistance$100/person
Initial training$1000/person
Training Materials$100/person
Site leader training$250/person
Curriculum$400/person or $100/guide
The MIHOW Way (Training Guide)$200
Administrator's Manual$150
Trainer's travelTBD
Vanderbilt Admin33.5%

MIHOW Affiliation Costs

Annual license ($3000): The annual license includes permission to use MIHOW branded materials, use of name, and access to online curriculum and additional resources.

Annual technical assistance ($100/person): technical support and consultation from the Vanderbilt MIHOW team to both the site leader and individual sites, including

  • Up to 10 hours of consultation on program implementation (either over Zoom or phone)
  • monthly reflective group meeting with all trained personnel (1 hour virtual meeting)

Curriculum ($400/set): Hard copies of MIHOW Home Visit Guides – The Prenatal Period, The First Year of Life, The Second Year of Life, and The Third Year of Life for each outreach worker.

Initial training ($1000/person): Initial training is 40 hours of in-person training in use of the MIHOW model, curriculum and data collection processes. The site leader (program supervisor) is expected to attend the initial training.

Site leader training ($250/person): One day of training and consultation with Vanderbilt MIHOW Team member regarding site specific logistics of implementing the MIHOW model. Site leader training should happen before initial training of workers (at least one week before preferred).

Training materials ($100/person): This will cover costs of handouts and materials.

Trainer’s travel (as needed): Affiliating agency agrees to cover travel costs of the trainers. Costs will include mileage at the federal rate, meals and overnight hotel stays.

VUSN Administration Fee (33.5%): Covers services provided by VUSN to administer contract, invoicing, website, data collection, overhead, etc.

Additional expenses as applicable:                               

Coordinator/Consultant Fee if VUSN program leader requested to attend state/regional meetings, coordinate services between multiple agencies, etc.

Annual conference registration fee and expenses (MIHOW requires at least one outreach worker per site to attend)