The MIHOW program faces constraints due to limited resources and the inability to expand into new communities. It costs $6,000 to provide services to one family from the early stages of pregnancy until the child is three years old and $35,000 to establish a new MIHOW program. Your donation, at whatever amount you can afford, supports the program in keeping outreach workers serving existing communities and expanding to new ones.

Payment Options

Bank Draft
This is Vanderbilt's preferred method of payment. You can make a one-time bank draft or set up automatic payments using this bank draft form. Vanderbilt will take the money directly out of your checking or savings account. Mail the form and a voided check to the address below.

Simply mail a check (payable to MIHOW)  to the below address.

The MIHOW Program
c/o Tonya Elkins, Director
461 21st Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37240

Online Payment
If you want to make an online payment using your credit card, visit Vanderbilt's secure online gift form and make a one-time gift.